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Rage and Fury
Welcome to DuBetz Designs!

"If you need something designed, custom graphics, a real World product, flyer, CD/DVD cover, video game creature, t-shirt transfers, knife, or perhaps you just need an idea, DuBetz Designs is your ace in the hole!"

Chances are you didn't arrive here on accident, but if you did, since 1993 DuBetz Designs offers World famous graphics, weaponry designs, automotive parts designs, promotional material layout and design, high poly 3D models, and speaker enclosure designs for the real world, however, intelligence is not limited to those markets. Tim may also be releasing guitar designs, but only to the top manufacturers, keep your eyes open. In addition, for the first time EVER we are releasing models publicly for the 3D market.

Tip: You can opt out of hearing any music on any of our pages by merely hitting your browsers "stop" button.
DuBetz Designs is proud to announce our development of two video games, Scared, and Rage and Fury. If you would like to be informed as they progress please send your request using the "contact" button in the upper menu. Game sponsors, advertisers, contributors and partners are automatically kept up to date.
Please note: Some music may contain explicit lyrics. If you wish not to hear the music either turn your speakers off or, as mentioned above, hit your browsers "stop" button.